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Sports & Activities

1.Components of Fitness

-Aerobic fitness: walking, running, skipping, galloping, jumping rope, jumping jacks

-Muscular fitness: push-ups, shoulder touches, planks, calf raises, squats, etc

-Flexibility: various stretches for the entire body

2. Locomotor skill development: hopping, jumping, skipping, galloping, running, walking.

3. Development of various motor skills: throwing and catching various balls, and a frisbee, dribbling with hands or feet, volleying, bumping, setting, striking with a baseball bat or hockey stick. 

4. Components of Skill Related Fitness:

     1. Agility

     2. Balance

     3. Coordination

     4. Speed

     5. Reaction Time

     6. Power

5. Sports and Activities:

     Throwing and catching

      Fitness stations


      Tai Chi



      Jumping and landing skills

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